Crystal Ball

Data Presentation

Get to the heart of your business’ performance

We’ll help you work with and present your data in meaningful, user-friendly ways, however big and scary your dataset.

Data Manipulation

Unmanageable and inaccessible raw data is useless to understanding the performance of your business. We can interpret it, process it and highlight the key facts, creating useful insights into your business that help deliver results.

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Pivot Tables and Charts

Once we’ve analysed your data, we can harness the power of pivot tables and charts to summarise, analyse, explore and present your data in meaningful, useful ways. Filter and manipulate your data to show key information in just a few clicks.

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You’ll often need a high level, at-a-glance overview of the facts and figures that matter, especially if time is of the essence or you’re presenting to an audience. Dashboards provide real-time interaction with data in a simple, intuitive way, hiding complex data relationships behind controls and visualisations. They can be branded in your corporate identity, too.

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Dynamic Visualisations

Whether you want to study trends or wow an audience, our dynamic visualisation tools deliver information in a range of presentation styles. Update charts, diagrams and dashboards in real-time to show key information at the click of a button.

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