Crystal Ball

Business Management Tools

Spend more time doing what matters most

Day-to-day running of a business can be hard and time-consuming without the right tools. We’ll tailor a package of bespoke, complementary management components around your needs, helping you increase productivity and track performance on a regular basis.


We create bespoke budgeting tools that provide a high level overview for company executives whilst ensuring detailed information is available for those compiling budgets. We can even enter your dataset for you if you wish.

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Document Templates

Invoicing, ordering, expense, budgeting and other financial management templates are essential requirements for the everyday running of your business. We’ll create a pre-designed, branded package of time-saving, hassle-free templates for you and your team.

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Spreadsheet Optimisation

If you’re happy with your existing spreadsheet but feel it needs a refresh, our optimisation service is for you. We’ll give your sheet an MOT, making improvements and visual adjustments to improve productivity and save time.

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