Never Suffer from Print Area Error Again

It is insanely annoying when printing someone else’s Excel file only to find that it isn’t formatted correctly and prints across multiple pages

By following this simple tip you will never suffer from a print area error again in Excel

Preventing a Print Area Error

What you are going to do is remove the default print button in Excel and replace it with the print preview button. This will force you to view the document before you print it and allow you to check the formatting before printing the document.

There are a few steps to set up Excel to use this helpful tip, follow the step by step guide to learn how to do it.

  1. Click on the downward facing arrow on the quick access toolbar (QAT)

Print Area

2. Click on ‘Quick Print’ to un-tick it (Skip this step if it is already un-ticked)

Print Area

3. Click on ‘Print Preview and Print’. This will place the Print Preview icon in the QAT

Print Area

Whenever you want to print anything click the Print Preview icon on the QAT to display the print preview. From there you can change the print formatting to get the correct print first time.


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