Microsoft Excel Tip: Watch Window

A watch window will allow you to view the value within defined cells within your workbooks

Using a watch window will stop you having to search through your workbook to find an updated value when cells are recalculated

How to Use a Watch Window

You have a workbook that has an order list of parts and values in a different currency. You want to know what the total sales value will be if the exchange rate changes, but without having to leave your control sheet which holds the exchange rate. The formula for the sterling conversion has already been entered, as has the total calculation (=sum).

To add a watch window follow the below steps:

  • On the ribbon select the ‘Formulas’ tab, then click ‘Watch Window’

Watch Window

  • Select ‘Add Watch’ and click the cell which you want to watch followed by ‘Add’

Watch Window

  • The watch window will now be overlaid on your worksheets. Each time you change the exchange rate the entry under the ‘value’ heading will update to show the new value

Watch Window

Add cells into a watch window will help save time by not having to navigate around your workbook to find the updated values



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