Microsoft Excel Formulas: LEN

LEN is a simple formula that is not often used, however, used correctly it can be used to simplify your workbooks


LEN Syntax

LEN returns the length of a string in a cell. The Syntax is very simple:

=LEN (text)

Why is LEN Useful?

On its own, LEN may not seem that useful. There are many scenarios that using LEN can make your life easier. A couple of which are:

  • You know that only strings with length x are needed for the piece of work that you are doing
    • Insert a helper column and use LEN to return the string length of each cell then use a filter to remove the unnecessary data
  • Only entries of a certain length need a calculation performing
    • Use LEN with an IF formula as the ‘logical test’ to determine the length of each entry


Watch Out

When using LEN number formatting is not included. For example, £50.00 will still show as ‘2’



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