Free 30-60 Minute Consultation

Yes, you have read that correctly. How does a free consultation sound?

There is no catch at all.

We understand that you may not recognise our brand and don’t want to blindly invest in us. Let us impress you during this free consultation and show how our skills and expertise can help your business.

We’re offering you a free consultation via phone or Skype where you can discuss how your business works, any concerns you have with your business’ documents and any areas that you feel your business needs help with. It doesn’t matter if it is a minor problem or a long-term project that you would like help with, we’re happy to listen and talk it through with you.

After listening to your needs and gaining an insight into your business, we will advise if we can help you and how we would go about doing so.

Then it is down to you

If you would like to work with Happy Duck Consulting, fantastic! If you still feel that you don’t have the need for our services, no problem and we’re happy that you took the time to talk it through with us.

Within that 30 – 60 minutes we will evaluate how our services and products could save you time and increase efficiencies within your business to achieve your goals.

After that time if you feel that we can form a healthy relationship we can arrange for further discussions to outline any projects which you want to work together on.

What have you got to lose other than 30 minutes of your time? Get in touch with us today to arrange your consultation.



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