Basic Microsoft Excel Functions: ROUNDUP

This article describes the =ROUNDUP formula and how to use it to round-up a set number of decimal places.

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The ROUNDUP function rounds a number up away from zero. The syntax is very simple and works in the same way as the ROUND function discussed in this article

 The ROUNDUP syntax is:



For example

=ROUNDUP(5.2,0) would round-up to 6

=ROUNDUP(7.65326,2) would round-up to 7.66


But instead of manually typing the numbers into the formula you can link the ‘number’ portion of the syntax to a cell reference e.g

=ROUNDUP(A1,0) would round-up the value in cell A1


Or take it a step further.

If you have lots of values that need to be rounded and you may need to change the ‘num_digits’ value, link that portion of the syntax to a control cell e.g

=ROUNDUP(A1,A3) where the ROUNDUP digits value is held in cell A3

There will be a future article discussing control cells.

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