5 Reasons to use Excel for Data Analysis

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used software packages in the world, but why should you use it for data analysis within your business?

  1. Affordable and cost-effective

Large international businesses pay thousands of pounds every year for maintenance of their complex ERP systems. Most will have a BI (Business Intelligence) program included within their software, along with employees who maintain the system and write reports to display the key data to major stakeholders within the business.

Most small & medium businesses cannot afford this luxury.

What they can afford is a Microsoft Office package, many SMEs probably already have Microsoft Office installed on their computer(s). If Office is installed, Excel will also be installed. Once it has been paid for it’s yours. Business owners do not have to pay any incremental costs unless they choose to.

Quite simply, Excel is one of the most cost-effective investments your company can make.


  1. Familiarity

Most people have used Microsoft Excel at some point in their working lives, the interface has changed over the years but the basics remain the same. If end-users can use Excel at a basic level, they can use and interpret Happy Duck Consulting’s products and tools.


  1. Ease of Use

Excel dashboards and tools are bespoke and made to the end-users exacting requirements. Click a button here, change selection there and watch the data transform on screen.


  1. Automation

Excel is a very robust application and can be used to automate many processes. This saves time, money and provides reassurance that the same process is being followed every time.


  1. Rapid Development

Products and tools can be developed quickly and changed easily. If the end-user does not like the second version of a file it is easy to revert to the original version.



What can Excel do for your business?

  • Analyse your data and create reports displaying a variety of metrics
  • Help you dive deep into the data and understand what it means from different viewpoints
  • Interactive products can quickly change the whole workbook based on defined scenarios
  • Create easy-to-understand visualisation products
  • Much, much more


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