About Us

We build bespoke business and financial management tools for small, medium and large companies that help them achieve their goals. This makes us happy.

Our aim is clear and straightforward: we strive to allow our clients to view and analyse their businesses’ data more clearly, enabling them to make better-informed decisions whilst freeing up time, money and resources. We help to minimise risk and present opportunities.

Our expertise across accounting, data analysis and spreadsheet optimisation allows us to combine the financial and management needs of modern businesses with technical know-how. We understand  business data and how to build tools that deliver results.


It’s about you, from start to finish

Every business is different. We listen to your wants, your needs, your issues with current systems, where and how you’d like to save time on tasks… we don’t start work until we know the full story and the scope of what’s required.

From initial consultation through to delivery of the final product, our thinking is centred on your business and your specific requirements. We can even style products using your company identity or brand guide.

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Clear, simple and hassle-free

You won’t need a degree in computer science to use our tools or to talk to our data gurus. We believe strongly in using plain English wherever possible – be that in our products, consultations or training.

You tell us how you want your data to be processed and presented; we hide complexity behind user-friendly, easy to use interfaces. If you use a computer or a smartphone, you already know how to use our tools!

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What’s under the hood?

At the core of all our products is the power of Microsoft Excel. Having said that, we create tools and products, not Excel documents: it drives what we do – it doesn’t define what we do.

We combine the power of spreadsheets – data manipulation and calculations – with familiar, user-friendly interfaces to create business-boosting products that are a joy to use.

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